Little Miss Westie follows two transgender siblings as they navigate puberty, school, family and transitioning during the Trump era. Ren is competing in the Lil Miss Westie Pageant; her older brother Luca is coaching her on posing, make-up, and talent. He knows his stuff because he competed six years ago when he was living as a girl. Moving and unflinching, Little Miss Westie challenged basic ideas about gender, while entertaining audiences as this tween and teen bicker, struggle, and compete while coming of age.

This past year has been a rollercoaster ride for the family. Ren and Luca both began actively transitioning. Ren began dressing full time as female and had a puberty blocker surgically implanted. Luca primarily dresses male but insists on a more gender fluid style, sometimes wearing lots of pink and jewelry. Just recently, Luca began testosterone treatment. 

Horrified at the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election, the family scrambled to legally change the kid’s names and gender on their documents. It was a complicated process involving a court hearing but they managed to get everything done before Trump was inaugurated. Now that he and Pence are in office, the family worry about what hostile actions the administration will take against the transgender community and how that will impact the safety of their kids.    

Amidst all of this change for the family, Ren has chosen to compete in the Lil Miss Westie Pageant with Luca as coach. Local contestants, ranging from toddlers to eighth graders, showcase their makeup and gowns, talent, and community spirit. The dynamic between the two siblings as they ready Ren for competition confronts gender norms in a wonderfully entertaining and organic way. The preparation, rehearsals, and pageant itself provide the film’s vibrant narrative spine. Whether she wins or loses, this experience will change the family forever offering a rare window into the lives of two very young gender pioneers.

Little Miss Westie

A film by Joy E. Reed and Dan Hunt

A loving and insightful portrait of two transgender siblings — Luca and Ren — and their parents, set in the changing social climate during the Trump presidency. Little Miss Westie takes audiences behind the scenes as the family navigates puberty, school, dating and more as the children begin living in their authentic genders and Ren participates in the Lil’ Miss Westie Pageant.

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